Matching Profile Insights




The goal of this dashboard is to inform you on the distribution of candidates across their Matching Profile and Matching Indicator labels and on the cut-offs that you have configured.

This dashboard reports on:

  • Matching Profile Label distribution
  • Matching Indicator Label distribution
  • Cut off candidates

Important: This dashboard is only relevant if labels have been set up in the Matching section of the Account Settings.



You can go to the Matching Profilein the Harver Knowledge base to get more context.

A Matching Profile score consists of the computation of the scores of several Matching Indicators. A certain Matching Profile score leads to a certain label. As you can see in the example screenshot, a candidate with a score of 35 would end up having the label "Poor Fit”. The same goes for a Matching Indicator, a candidate’s Matching Indicator score determines its Matching Indicator label.

A candidate can get cut off due to a low score on a Matching Indicator. Therefore, it is possible that the candidate is a “Good Fit” based on its overall Matching Profile score, but because they scored belong 40 on the “Test_MI” Matching Indicator, they end up having Matching Profile Label “Poor Fit”.




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