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This feature allows Candidate sharing across other Harver accounts and users not part of any Harver account (external users).

Sharing with Users

On the Candidate Details Page of any candidate, we can share this specific candidate with any internal or external user by clicking the Share button.



Sharing with Internal Users

To share with Internal User the Recruiter needs to enter the email of their colleague. Once the recruiter starts typing the email, an auto-complete list of matching emails will appear for the recruiter to select the appropriate one.

Their colleague will receive an email with a notification that a candidate has been shared with them and the link to the candidate.
This is useful for sharing candidates internally or across retail locations.


Sharing with External Users

To Share with an External User the recruiter need to press the Invite a new user button in the bottom left corner of the sharing pane.


They will need to fill in the following mandatory fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email address

  • Expiry Date

When sharing, the recruiter can choose if they are sharing just the assessment results, or they will include the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of that candidate.

Expiry Date is the date until that user has access to that specific candidate and is mandatory for security reasons.



For each user that has access to the candidate we can

  • Revoke Sharing Permission

  • Modify Expiry Date

  • Modify access to PII / Modify ability to rate candidate (Virtual Interview only)


Accessing Candidates

Guest Users will be invited to create a Guest Account to log in to access candidates shared with them.

Guests need to be logged in with their Harver guest account to access candidates shared with them.

Account Admins can upgrade Guest Accounts to regular recruiters if needed.

  • If the account has configured Live Interviews, the Live Interview widget will not be available on the shared version of the CDP.

  • If PII is disabled, the user will not have access to Virtual Interview responses.



All users, internal and external can now rate Virtual Interviews for the candidates that are shared with them.

The rates of these users will affect both the Module and Matching score equally, as any other user. The rating remains even after the user access has been revoked or expired.

Note: To have access to Virtual Interview and Virtual Interview rating, PII must be enabled.

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