Personal Information Module


The Personal Information (PI) module is flexible, customizable and is specifically meant to collect all PII data from a candidate.



The items below are set as required by default but can be made to be optional. 

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone

Predefined Questions:

Pre-defined questions can be added to the module.

  • All pre-defined questions have default translations in all languages.

  • All pre-defined questions are marked as PII. This setting cannot be changed.
  • All pre-defined questions have default options. These can be customized when needed.

  • Address: For address we’re making use of an API, which means that the address will be auto filled once the candidate starts typing their address.


IMPORTANT: the following questions are questions that are added for DEI/statistical purposes only, focusing on the US. Most of these questions cannot be asked under GDPR rules and regulations for Europe. When adding these questions, always be aware whether you’re allowed to ask this question for the specific region/country that the customer is recruiting for.

  • Sex

  • Ethnicity

  • Veteran status

  • Disability

Custom questions:

Custom questions can be added to the module

  • Every custom question is marked as PII by default. In case this question does not contain PII it can be disabled by clicking on the question.

  • Custom questions are by default set as ‘Not required’ and should be set manually to ‘Required’ in case needed.

For any questions and set up, please reach out to your Account Manager.


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