Chat Proficiency Assessment


What is Chat Proficiency Assessment?

Harver’s Live Chat Support Skills Assessment was developed in 2020 (in-house) and has been designed to focus on multiple Live Chat Support key performance indicators.


What does Chat Proficiency Assessment Measure?

Harver’s Chat Proficiency Assessment has been designed to focus on multiple Chat Proficiency key performance indicators.


The assessment evaluates:

  • Speed (average handle time)

  • service level

  • clear communication

  • adaptability

  • customer focus/ orientation

  • Problem-solving

  • multitasking abilities. 


The Harver Chat Proficiency Assessment was developed so that it does not discriminate against any minority groups.


You can’t customize the goal and the requirements, but you can add a custom block. Here you can add a custom title and a custom text. It will appear before the goal.


The candidate will have 12:00 minutes to complete the three chat simulations. The timer will begin after the practice step. The candidate will have the option to re-do the practice step.



If a candidate has any issues during the chat simulation, we recommend trying the below general troubleshooting methods.

  • Refresh the page
  • Log out and log back in.
  • The Live Chat module can be completed on a laptop, desktop and on mobile.
  • Switch internet browsers. The preferred browser is Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Check to see if the browser has been updated to the latest version. 
  • Clear cache and cookies. 
  • Use a Private or Incognito window when logging into the application.
  • Try switching to another device.

If the candidate has completed all the troubleshooting steps and the issue is still not solved, please have the candidate reach out to us with the following information at

  • A screenshot of the issue, try to include any relevant error messages on the screen
  • What device and browser you are using

For any questions and set up, please reach out to your Account Manager.


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