Vacancy Basics


To start data driven hiring, the first step is creating a vacancy in Harver. Vacancies are customizable to fit the requirements of your job posting, representative of your company brand and specific vacancy needs. Once a vacancy is completed, it is ready to be shared anywhere your potential candidates are. 

When creating a vacancy, you will be able to configure basic settings, which data points you need to make a hiring decision and choose the right matching profile. All of this is done to ensure all your candidates are compared to the same standards. 

Within this article we will go over the basics of setting up a vacancy: 

Vacancy Settings 

  1. Go to the Vacancy tab.
  2. Hover over a vacancy to Move its Status (Draft, Open, Closed), Edit Settings, Get a Sharable Link
  3. Under the 'Internal vacancy title' setting, name the vacancy, this name will only be seen internally.
  4. You can view the matching profile 
    1. What is a Matching Profile? This step is done together with our People Science Team. A psychologist will come in and assess the optimal benchmark based on what assessments are included in the vacancy. If you do not already have a package that includes a consultation from our People Science Team, discuss your options with your Account Manager.

    2. Please contact your Account Manager for help on Matching Profiles for your account. 
  5. View the flow attached to the Vacancy
    • A flow needs to be created before a vacancy
    • Please contact your Account Manager to configure additional flows and modules
      ** Best Practice ** Make sure any changes you make are made when the vacancy is in draft.

Adjusting the vacancy settings:

  1. Name the vacancy, this will be seen by your applicants on the landing page. (optional)
  2. Writing a brief description about this vacancy and adding a location for applicants to see (optional)
  3. Add Sources from a drop-down menu (optional)
  4. Set the Reapply 
  5. Add Locations/Regions from a drop-down menu (if applicable)

Opening and Sharing your Vacancy:

How to open a created vacancy.

  1. Go to the vacancy tab
  2. Select ‘draft vacancies’ from the drop-down in the upper right corner
  3. Hover over the vacancy you want to open
  4. Click on the open icon
  5. Confirm your choice
  6. You will be redirected to the open vacancies
  7. Your vacancy is now ready to be shared with candidates 

How to share a vacancy:

  1. Go to the vacancy overview page
  2. Hover over the vacancy you want to share
  3. Click on the share icon
  4. Copy the link of the vacancy
  5. Share the link with your candidates
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