Configuring your Candidate Report


Our Candidate PDF reports and Candidate Details Page are the main lines of information of your candidates.  Different personas will them, each persona with different understanding and training on the Harver Platform. To help them get the most out of the Harver Platform and our reports, Account Admins are now able to add custom Intro Text PDF Report for specific sections.

There are five independent sections that can be independently configured per account.

  • PDF Introduction Text​

  • Matching Profile Introduction Text​

  • Matching Indicator Introduction Text​

  • Assessment Summary Introduction Text​

  • Matching Indicator Details Introduction Text​

For each section, you can add text in every language, as well as format it with

  • bold

  • italic

  • hyperlink


Each section contains default text in English, that we assume it will fit the needs of most of our clients. People Science can decide to modify the text for each account.


Language Support

Each language has to be set up in order to show up in the PDF report in the corresponding Language


Modules Order

Under Candidate Report in Account Settings, there is a list of modules. You can select in which order you want the modules to appear in the PDF Report


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