Status Change Insights


The goal of this dashboard is to provide valuable insights into the recruitment process. Specifically, it allows users to see a variety of data related to the changes in candidate status throughout the recruitment pipeline. However, it is important to note that the dashboard exclusively focuses on statuses that are not within the candidate's control. Therefore, statuses such as "In progress" and "New" cannot be viewed, as these are triggered by the candidate themselves. This dashboard reports on: 

  • The number of status changes made by each recruiter for each status. This can help identify top-performing recruiters or areas where additional training may be needed.
  • The distribution of what caused a status change and rejection reason availability. This can help users understand the reasons behind candidate movements. For example, if many candidates are being rejected due to a lack of experience, this could indicate a need to adjust the job description or the screening criteria.
  • The type of candidates being rejected, based on their Harver label. This can help users identify potential biases or areas where the screening process may need to be adjusted to ensure a more diverse and inclusive pool of candidates.


Overall, the Status Change Insights dashboard is a powerful dashboard that can help optimizing recruitment process, improve efficiency, and make more informed decisions. By providing users with valuable insights into the recruitment pipeline, the dashboard can help drive better outcomes and ultimately help organizations find and hire the best candidates. 

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