Harver Insights Basics


Throughout a candidate’s journey we collect candidate data. This includes assessment related data like all the scores of the candidate, but also candidate specific data like when they started or completed the flow or in which module they were in when they dropped off. This data can be found in your Harver Insights dashboards.


When you select the dashboard from the drop-down list in the Insights tab the data is loaded and displayed in the business intelligence tool Looker.  


Looker is a modern data platform in Google Cloud that lets you analyze and visualize the data generated in the Harver Platform interactively. 

The functionality is almost identical compared to working natively in Looker tool and you have this functionality embedded in your Harver Platform account. 


Standard dashboard explanations can be found here.  


Below is an example of what a Dashboard looks like. The screenshot is for our Key Insights Dashboard.


Custom Content


You may want content that is not available in your standard dashboards. If you want to create custom content with Harver data beyond what is available to you with the standard dashboards, you have two options: 


  • Reach out to your Harver account manager to get the additional information on how long it will take and the quote.   
  • Create it in your Harver account  (You will need to have users with Looker experience or users who want to learn how to build dashboards in Looker).   

Users of your organization who would like to learn and do this work will have to complete free native Looker training to enable you to create custom content efficiently.  


The required courses completion time is estimated to be 1 day & 6 hours. The course names are listed below.


  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Looker
  • Exploring Data with Looker


These courses are free and only require you to create an account with an email and password or by signing up with your Google account.


If a user has prior building experience with Looker, they can try creating custom content without the training as the descriptions to every dimension and measure are available in the building mode. 



To open the building mode as an Insights user with edit rights, you need to highlight any tile on the dashboard and click “Explore from here”.



Main dashboard functionalities

These do not require the training and available to all users in your account with the access to Insights:  


After the dashboard is selected from the list and opened,  it will load automatically according to the default filters. Please adjust the filters as desired for your request and click on the “refresh” icon in the top right corner to load the results.



The filter icon will hide/unhide filter panel.



The three vertical dots icon will give you options to “clear cache and refresh”, download the dashboard, schedule automatic delivery, reset filters, or change the time zone of the data you are working with.


image (7).png


The Folder icon is your navigation between folders.

  • Favorites is content that has been added as favorite.
  • My Folder is your personal folder with the content visible only to you.
  • Group Folder contains custom content available for all the Insights users within your Harver account.
  • Shared Folder contains all the standard content available with the option to be copied to My Folder or to Group folder.


When downloading the dashboard there are two formats:

  • PDF (a snapshot of the full dashboard)
  • CSV (zip file with separate CSV files per tile after unzipped).


Additional info about downloading the content can be found here.



There is an option to download a separate tile on the dashboard instead of downloading the whole dashboard. 



Multiple automatic schedules can be created for the different recurrences, email addresses, with different filter selections and advanced options.


To have the "advanced" scheduling modal as on the screenshot below, consider saving your report as a Look. It can be beneficial if you need to have one big candidate export table with no row limitation and the option to download all results above the 5000-row default limit on the dashboards.  



To learn more and read more extensive details on scheduling, please click the link here


For additional information on delivery/downloading options like SFTP/Webhook/Amazon S3, please reach out to your account manager and review Looker documentation on technical details. 

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