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 You can add locations and regions to the vacancy. When the location/region is added to the vacancy it means these locations are available for the candidate to apply for when applying for this vacancy. If you click on add locations/regions you go in to the location overview and you can switch to region on top or search for a location/region by name.




You add the location(s) by clicking on add on the correct location and on confirm.


What if the location is not in the list?

If the location you are looking for is not in the list when you search for it, it probably means the location is not created yet. To do so you will have to navigate to the locations tab on the top bar. Once you are here you can click on ‘add location’ and add all the location information in the location settings.


For the locations we are using a Google API. This means when you add the address in the location settings you need to select the correct address from the dropdown. If you don’t choose one of the given options, the location will not appear in the candidate journey.



Make sure that you have filled in all information that is used/needed within your organization such as Location ID, attached region, contact email, etc. If you are not sure what information is needed make sure to check one of the existing locations as a reference.


After adding the location in the locations tab and clicking on save you can return to your vacancy builder and add the location to it.


General Troubleshooting

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please try the following steps to resolve it:

  1. Check if you have a stable internet connection and there are no error signs.
  2. Refresh the page.
  3. Log out and log back in.
  4. Open the website in a different browser. Preferred browser is Google Chrome.


If you need any technical support please reach out to support@harver.com.



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