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What is Matching?

A Matching Profile represents custom configuration which allows evaluation of candidates across several indicators of success. This is done through configuration of Matching Indicators. Each vacancy within the company has different requirements for what makes a candidate a good fit for the job. Matching Profiles can be built up of different Matching Indicators, representing specific competencies or performance metrics which serve as a set of predictors of success for the role, such as agility or leadership.


Matching Indicators consist of a name and description, as well as combination of relevant assessment components. The score of a Matching Indicator represents a weighted average of the components and indicates how well a candidate will perform on the specific attribute being represented by the indicator. Harver's People Science team conducts benchmark validation studies to help identify the right set of indicators as well as determine which of these should contribute to the overall Matching Profile and score. 



When you are in the vacancy builder you can add the correct matching profile. Your account will have a selection of set matching profiles that will be available to use for the vacancies. Make sure to select the one that matches the type of vacancy you are building. You can only have one matching profile per vacancy. When you would like to change it you can click on change and select the correct one from the Matching profile library. Here you can search on name or ID of the Matching profile.




With the Matching profiles and changing these there can be some warnings/risks we would like to address. Some of the following scenario’s are more error sensitive and need some extra precautions.


Adding a scorable module to the candidate journey.

If there is already a matching profile in place in the vacancy settings and you want to add one or more scorable modules to the candidate journey, you will have to adjust the matching profile as well. If you add modules without changing the matching profile, the matching score will not include scoring of these new added modules.


Deleting a scorable module to the candidate journey

When a module that is included in the matching profile gets the deleted from the candidate journey, the system will show a 0% matching score as it will not be able to run the full calculation.


Creating a new vacancy including scorable modules and adding matching profile

When setting up a new vacancy, it is important that the modules in the candidate journey match the matching profile.

Make sure you set up a matching profile with all scorable modules added to it. If you don’t include all modules in the matching profile the score will be incorrect and not be a right presentation of the matching score.


How to make/request changes

If you are in doubt which Matching profile to use or if you have any other questions regarding Matching Profiles please reach out to your Account Manager at Harver or reach out to support@harver.com. They will assist you further.

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