Hiring Studio URL Parameters


What are URL Parameters?

URL mandatory parameters are values that we receive from ATS inserted in a URL link. If one of these mandatory values is missing, the application cannot start, therefore we fire an error message to the candidate. These values help us to get information about the vacancy and get the right information from the Harver Platform in order to start the right application.


These are custom values added to the end of the vacancy link. You can create up to 5 parameters for a vacancy. When URL Parameters are added it means the candidates are automatically navigating the right requisition linked to the parameters. You can choose to make these mandatory. That means if a candidate tries to register with just the generic vacancy link they will see an error message and are not be able to register.

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 13.54.37.png


If you would like to add/change/delete URL parameters please reach out to your account manager at Harver or email support@harver.com so they can assist you further.



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