Hiring Studio Candidate Journey Builder


Editing an existing flow

If you would like to change the flow of an existing vacancy take the following steps:

  1. Go in to the vacancy you would like to change the candidate journey
  2. When you are in the vacancy builder scroll down to the candidate journey settings
  3. Here you can move/delete/add a module:
    • To move a module use the six dots and move the module to the correct place
    • To delete a module click the bin icon and the module will be deleted (the module will only be deleted from the flow and will still exist in the account).
    • To add a module click on the add module button. You will see an overview of all different type of available modules and you can choose from these modules.

If you add/edit a module and see a warning sign popping up, it will tell you something is not correct in the configuration. For example the module does not support the same languages as the vacancy settings. Make sure to correct these before using the vacancy.

If you would like to edit a module in this the flow builder you will have to click the edit button on the flow. A new window will open and navigate you to the module builder. To learn more on this check out this article.

Creating a new flow

If you are creating a new vacancy and you need to create a flow from scratch take the following steps:

  1. Scroll down to the candidate journey setup in the vacancy builder
  2. Start by adding a landing page. When you click on ‘add landing page' all available landing modules will show up and you can pick from the existing ones. If you can not find the perfect landing page, no worries you can edit the module later. Not sure how? Find out here
  3. Now you start adding all the modules that you will need in the candidate journey. It is important to know what type of modules you need. When you click on add module you will find all available modules for the account in different sections. Also in this overview you will see when the module was created and what languages are setup for the module.Picture1.png
  4. Add the module type that you need in this vacancy. Once you added the module you can also edit this if not all settings are how they are supposed to be. After clicking on the add button make sure to confirm so the modules are there.

*If you would like to add a Questions module to the CJ you SHOULD use the personal information. The Question modules is basically the same as the PI, except for the fact that PI also allows you to set PII protected fields. We have decided that there's no need in having two identical modules. Instead, you can add multiple PI modules to one CJ if needed. The PI modules "gets" the questions from the "Questions" tab as well, so that's where you can add new questions for the PI module.

  1. You can now change the order of the modules in the flow builder.
  2. As a last step make sure you add an endpage to the flow.

*Again be aware of any warning signs, if you see a warning sign it means something is not configured correctly. When hovering over the sign it will tell you what is wrong.

Your flow is now all set and ready for candidates.

If you have any questions or issues trying to setup the flow/candidate journey please reach out to your Harver account manager or to support@harver.com.

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