Hiring Studio Candidate Journey


Candidate Journey

Here you can set up the candidate journey. Make sure to start with a landing page and end with an end page. When you click on the ‘add module’ button will see all the available modules to choose from.

Once you have added the modules you want in this vacancy you can change the order of the modules by dragging them to another place in the journey via the 6 dots.


When you start adding modules be aware of the orange warning signs. When you hover over these warnings it will give information on why the warning is there. For example, the module is not available in all the languages setup in the vacancy.  These warnings will be displayed on various places. You can find them on the candidate journey settings and on the left side on the vacancy edit menu.

To learn more on how to setup or edit a flow check out this article.





If you want to add one of the modules and change the module you can do so. Not sure how? Check out this article.

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