Candidate Statuses in Insights



When viewing reports in Insights you will see multiple candidates statuses, here is a breakdown of those statuses and what they mean:

  • In progress: the second candidate enters an email address and goes to the first step of filling out personal data
  • New: candidate finishes all the modules in the flow
  • Rejected: auto-rejection or manual rejection by a recruiter
  • Talent pool: may be used to keep candidates at hand for possible shortlisting
  • Shortlisted: recruiter opens a candidate in the new status and starts working on the invitation
  • Invited: candidate has the interview appointment
  • Hired: candidate signs a contract

Please note that Registered status is only available in Insights and is a pre-journey step, candidates are in step “Registered” when they have not yet started their application. This happens when a candidate was created using a magic link invitation, but the candidate has not clicked on this link yet.

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