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  1. What is ad-hoc flow?
  2. What is Inline Flow?
  3. What are available login strategy options for candidates?
  4. Where I can find the Harver public api specs?

What is Ad-hoc flow?

The Ad hoc flow allows recruiters to request or place the assessment at a preferred place in the recruiting workflow - either directly after the application, or after one or more screening steps.

The candidate then receives an email from Harver with a magic link. Clicking that link leads the candidate to Harver, where the candidate can start the journey right away. They just have to accept terms and conditions and other policies.

Once candidates complete the assessment, the scores and reports are automatically sent back into ATS and are reflected on the requisition.

Note: The magic link is valid for an hour.

The diagram below shows the complete candidate experience for Ad-hoc flow.



What is Inline Flow?

The inline assessment flow allows candidates to complete their application and assessment process in one uninterrupted workflow.

It starts with the candidate first applying and registering in ATS, whereafter ATS will request assessment for a candidate from Harver. The candidate then gets redirected directly from the ATS to Harver and is already logged in and authenticated. They just have to accept terms and conditions and other policies.

This flow improves the recruiters and candidate experience. Below diagram shows the complete candidate experience.




What are available login strategy options for candidates?

Following are the strategy for candidate registration and communication which is based on ATS patterns you choose;

  • Harver First: The Harver first is used when the client needs to allow for the standalone access, or the candidate gets a direct link to the Harver assessment. This option allows for candidates to manually enter their email address, and accept the terms and conditions to register for the assessment. After that candidate will receive an email with confirmation code from Harver to start assessment.
  • ATS First: In this case, Candidate is first registered in the ATS and the ATS requests a magic link from Harver, candidate can start the assessment with a valid magic link (valid for 1 hour). Magic links can be delivered by the ATS or by an email by Harver but candidate can only continue if they had already been registered previously by an ATS integration and the email entered matches the one with which candidate is registered. If the magic link expires Harver initiate a confirmation code validation via email, same as the Harver First scenario.
  • ATS Only (Coming Soon) : In this case only ATS can share the magic link with the candidate and Harver will not send email communication to the candidate. The ATS is responsible for sending magic link to the candidates.

Please contact Harver representative for more details and which option is best for your business to be configured.

Where I can find the Harver public api specs?

Its available at Harver APIs . The APIs allows us and 3rd party applications to build reliable integrations, register candidates, or receive application results programmatically.

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