The setup guide provides step by step guidelines and instructions on connecting the Taleo account with the Harver that will allows you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the candidate results in the Taleo.

Before setting up the integrations, check the Integration Guidelines and Integration FAQs to make sure you have all necessary information and configurations ready in Harver Platform.

In this Guide

  1. Instructions before enabling Integrations
  2. Harver Integration Configuration Steps
  3. Taleo Integration Configuration Steps
  4. Inviting Candidate: Candidate-Centric flow
    1. OPTION 1: Career Section Application Flow
    2. OPTION 2: Manual Request by Recruiter
  5. Inviting Candidate: Recruiter-Centric flow
  6. Candidate progress & results
  7. Validating Integration Setup
  8. Additional Questions/Support

Instructions before enabling Integrations

Before enabling integrations;

  1. The requisitions in ATS and vacancies in Harver are configured.
  2. Candidate Return URL:
    1. What: Incase of Inline workflow, the return URL is provided by Taleo which candidate need to click be redirected back to Taleo to complete assessment.
    2. If its not clicked then assessment will not be completed.
    3. Where to configure: The applicant return URL is configured in the Harver Platform End Page configuration to make sure at end of the assessment, candidate can be redirected to Taleo to complete the application. See End Page for more details or connect with your Harver support specialist for guidance.

Harver Integration Configuration Steps

Login to Harver platform to perform below steps. You must be a Harver Admin to be able to complete all these step.

  1. In Harver platform, go to Integration Menu tab and clicks Add new integrations. Select the Taleo MarketPlace from drop down and Clicks Add Integrations.Add Integration_Dropdown 11.png
  2. This will start configuring the integration and progress will be shown. Once completed, click on Continue to Overview.Setup Progress (7).png
  3. In General Overview, select the Integration patterns that you are intend to support i.e.

    1. ATS First Inline (Magic link)

    2. ATS First Ad-HocGeneral Section_Select Pattern (6).png

  4. Then click Credentials in the side bar, where you will see the Client Username and Password, that needs to be configured in Taleo during Taleo configurations used for basic authentication.Credentials_ATS Credentials (2).png
  5. Next, click Harver to ATS in side bar, and click Reports tab to configure the reports that needs to be sent to ATS. Click Edit Reports and configure as needed. Options are;
    1. Candidate Detail Page as URL

    2. PDF Report as FileEdit Reports (1).png

  6. Once all steps and configurations are completed, go back to General section and enable the integration.General Section_Activate (6).png

If enabling integration fails, error will be shown. Please fix particular issue to enable the integrations successfully.

Note that incase you want to discontinue with ATS or disable integration due to some reason, same configuration toggle is used to disable the integration with ATS.

Taleo Integration Configuration Steps

  1. To enable the integration in Taleo ATS, access the screening service list in the configurations. Select the Harver Assessment Serviceimage-20240217-093353.png
  2. The service requires;

    1. ClientId which is Harver accountId

    2. Username

    3. Password

      Copy the username and password from Harver Integrations Credentials section.image-20240217-093523.png

  3. The customer can view the Result fields that are available via the Result Fields section. These fields are used to display result data that is returned by Harver. E.g.

    1. Additional Result 1..6 can be filled based KMI configuration

    2. DetailsUrl is link to PDF report or Candidate detail page Score is Overall Matching score and can be combined with Band (“70 (Green)”)image-20240217-093831.png

  4. Configure the Service implement model i.e.

    1. Mixed - allowing the recruiter to set whether the assessment request should be handled as candidate-centric or recruiter-centric at the requisition level

    2. Or can be set at service level and all assessment requests will be handled as specified i.e.

      1. candidate-centric - The candidate gets redirected to Harver during the application process: This can be a redirect (called 'inline') or in a popup

      2. recruiter-centric - Assessment stages: the candidate gets an email invite after recruiter sets a candidate in certain phaseimage-20240211-184811.png

  5. The Harver Assessment integration can be set to display the Assessment in either a “pop-up” window or “inline” (within the same browser window as the candidate’s application). This is set up in the Screening block of the Application Flow. Note that this setting only affects Assessment that are set up as Candidate-Centric.image-20240217-094208.png
  6. When creating a Requisition, the customer recruiter needs to associate that requisition with the Harver Assessment and (optionally) choose the Requisition Implementation Model (if the Service Implementation Model is set to “Mixed”). If the Service Implementation Model is set to a value other than “Mixed”, then the Requisition Implementation Model should be left un-selected as it will be ignored when processing requests.image-20240217-094407.png
  7. Note: The list of valid Harver Assessment Solution is maintained in the Harver-AssessmentId in the Configuration portion of the Taleo application. The client and Harver must jointly define the values for this selection list.image-20240217-094519.png

Now all configuration is completed and stage is added which will trigger the integration with Harver when a candidate falls in this stage.

Inviting Candidate: Candidate-Centric flow

OPTION 1: Career Section Application Flow

  1. In this scenario, the candidate takes the Assessment directly on the career section while completing his application. When clicked on the screening assessment the candidate is redirected to Harver.image-20240217-095342.png
  2. Once the candidate has finished the Assessment, they will return to fully submit their application.image-20240217-103025.png

OPTION 2: Manual Request by Recruiter

  1. The recruiter manually requests the Harver Assessment service for a candidate. An email is sent to the candidate from Taleo with an embedded screening link.image-20240217-100612.png
  2. Request is now in Sent to Candidate status as the email has been sent to the candidate, there will be no Provider status as candidate has not yet clicked to generate assessment.image-20240217-100125.png
  3. By clicking the link, the candidate is prompted to authenticate in Taleo. If authentication is successful, the assessment request is sent to Harver.image-20240217-100802.png
  4. Harver sends Taleo acknowledgement containing the redirect URI to the Assessment which Taleo will present popup to the candidate to take the Assessment.image-20240217-101052.png
  5. Harver will send status update to Taleo with an order status of Acknowledged by Provider. Provider Reference Number data will also be populated. Since the candidate has not yet taken the Assessment, no result field data is available.image-20240217-100339.png

Inviting Candidate: Recruiter-Centric flow

  1. The recruiter manually requests the Harver Assessment service for a candidate application to a requisition that has already been associated with a Harver position.image-20240217-102303.png
  2. A pop-up window of the Harver system is presented to the user displaying next steps they need to take to get the assessment completed by candidate. They will also send email with those Instructions and Link to recruiter email address on requisition. Partner set the status of request to “Acknowledged by Provider”. If request is Auto triggered, this pop-up is not opened.image-20240217-102359.png

Candidate progress & results

  1. When the candidate complete the Assessments, the overall status is set to Completed by Harver and results are posted back to Taleo.image-20240217-101523.png
  2. The user can click on the More details to get the full Harver assessment report for the candidate. Note that the “More Details” link will only be visible if the request status is “Completed”.image-20240217-101623.png

Validating Integration Setup

Please take a moment to ensure your Integration setup was configured successfully. We recommend you complete the following steps:

  1. Create a test Job Requisition for a position that will leverage an assessment.
  2. Add the appropriate Harver Job Code/assessment to the test requisition.
  3. Complete a candidate application, including the assessment.
    1. Confirm the candidate experience.
  4. Review results on hiring dashboard in your ATS and confirm you see the following:
    1. Assessment Recommendation.
    2. Link or access to the full report details.

Additional Questions/Support

For any additional queries, please contact support team at support@Harver.com

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