The setup guide provides step by step guidelines and instructions on connecting the SmartRecruiters account with the Harver that will allows you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the candidate results in the SmartRecruiters.

Before setting up the integrations, check the Integration Guidelines and Integration FAQs to make sure you have all necessary information and configurations ready in Harver Platform.


In this Guide

  1. Instructions before enabling Integrations
  2. Harver Integration Configuration Steps
  3. SmartRecruiters Integration Configuration Steps
  4. Adding Harver in Workflow to Invite Candidate
  5. Setup hiring process to automate the assessment invitation
  6. Configuring custom job fields in SmartRecruiters
  7. Candidate progress & results
  8. Validating Integration Setup

Instructions before enabling Integrations

Before enabling integrations;

  1. The requisitions in ATS and vacancies in Harver are configured.
  2. Get the companyId from SmartRecruiters before starting integration configuration.
  3. Candidate Return URL: For Candidate better candidate experience when doing Inline Assessment, in the Harver Platform add the SmartRecruiters applicant return URL in the Harver End Page configuration provided by the SmartRecruiters ATS so each candidate can be redirected to SmartRecruiters to continue the application. See End Page for more details.

Harver Integration Configuration Steps

Login to Harver platform to perform below steps. You must be a Harver Admin to be able to complete all these step.

  1. In Harver platform, go to Integration Menu tab and clicks Add new integrations. Select the SmartRecruiters from drop down and Clicks Add Integrations.


  2. This will start configuring the integration and progress will be shown. Once completed, click on Continue to Overview.


  3. In General Overview, select the Integration patterns that you are intend to support i.e.
    • ATS First Inline
    • ATS First Ad-Hoc

    General Section_Select Pattern.png

  4. Next go to ATS to Harver section and add the companyId provided by the SmartRecruiters.

    The companyId is client identifier provided by the SmartRecruiters and once configured in Harver, its linked to Harver Account ID. Incase client companyID is changed, then integration need to be configured and re-enable again between SmartRecruiters and Harver.

    Company ID.png

    Company ID_Edit.png

  5. Next go to Harver to ATS section. You will see two tabs i.e. Configurations and Reports. Start with Configurations section which is needed only incase you are required to add custom fields configurations. See section Configuring custom job fields in SmartRecruiters on how to set these fields in ATS, as this section can be configured only after custom fields are set in SmartRecruiters.
    • Overall Matching Score
      • Get the ATS fields id value from SmartRecruiters custom field for matching score, configure it here and enable the matching score toggle.

        Overall Matching Score.png

    • Enable Matching indicator
      • When enabled, this will send matching indicators and labels to custom fields in the ATS.
      • Make sure that each ATS field IDs are configured in the Matching Indicators → External ID in the Harver Platform to make it work.

        Matching Indicator.png

    • Overall Matching Labels
      • Get the ATS id values from SmartRecruiters custom fields, add all values here by mapping it to Harver Value, and then enable the matching label toggle.

        Matching Label.png

        By default assessment results are send to ATS. But with this optional custom configurations of score, indicator and label, Harver will send info to ATS custom fields reflected per candidate under Application Fields in SmartRecruiters.

  6. Then in same Harver to ATS section, click Reports tab for the types of reports that need to be sent to ATS. Options are;
    • Candidate Detail Page as URL
    • Read only CDP as URL
    • PDF Report as File


  7. Then go to section Credentials, and generate token which will be needed to connect SmartRecruiters and Harver, when enabling integration from SmartRecruiters.

    Token validity is 30 minutes

    Generate Token.png

    Generating Token.png

  8. Once all steps and configurations are completed, go back to General section and enable the integration.

General_Activate Integration.png

If enabling integration fails, error will be shown. Please fix particular issue to enable the integrations successfully.

Note that incase you want to discontinue with ATS or disable integration due to some reason, same configuration toggle is used to disable the integration with ATS.


SmartRecruiters Integration Configuration Steps

In SmartRecruiters, the admin users can manage all the integrations under App & Integrations Management module. Following are the steps for complete integrations;

  1. Login to the SmartRecruiter application environment and under user click on settings.


  2. Under Administration, go to the Apps & Integrations management.


  3. Search for Harver’s integration and click on it


  4. Click on Harver and click Connect.


  5. Click Allow and continue and this will redirect user to Harver to enter the token in order to enable the Integrations. Enter the token which was generated during Harver Integration steps.


This will activate the integrations between SmartRecruiters and Harver. You should be able to see Green status which means integration is Active.



Adding Harver in Workflow to Invite Candidate

Now we have all configurations set to invite candidate.

  1. To invite candidates, open the candidate profile you wish to send an assessment request which are visible in Assessments section.


  2. Click PREFFERED tab and browse for Harver Assessment and pick the assessment


  3. And you will see assessment package is assigned to candidate for which candidate will receives the invitation email to take the assessment.



Setup hiring process workflow to automate the assessment invitation

To invite the candidate automatically, you would need to set the hiring process workflow. This can be done both for Adhoc flow and inline flow.

Adhoc Flow - Hiring Process

  1. Go to the account settings > Configuration > Hiring Process
  2. Create new hiring process
  3. Add the appropriate step in your hiring process. You can name it as per your need.


  4. Click the Settings icon on the step and new list will popup. In the list, click Assessments.


  5. Filter by the vendor Harver, select the assessment you want to connect to workflow.


  6. Enable the auto-triggered toggle and click Save. Now with the workflow set, whenever candidate goes through the job application and reach this step in the workflow, this will automatically trigger the Harver assessment and invitation link will be sent to candidate.


The hiring process workflow is assigned and linked automatically to requisitions based on the Job Fields settings you set in this workflow e.g. below Adhoc Automation workflow will be automatically linked to Jobs which brand is Harver and is NOT based in Afghanistan & Brazil.

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 21.32.24-20240302-203317.png


Inline Flow - Hiring Process

  1. Go to the account settings > Configuration > Hiring Process
  2. Create new hiring process and Save it.
  3. In this workflow, edit and click Manage inline assessments


  4. You will see the list of inline assessment packages from Harver. Activate the inline assessment that is applicable for this hiring process. You can pick only one inline assessment per hiring process.


  5. Save the hiring process.
  6. Now with Hiring process set, when candidate goes through the job application, candidate will be redirected to Harver to take the assessment.

For inline assessment, add 'inline' in vacancies name in Harver platform as this is an indicator used by SmartRecruiter platform to pick up assessments for inline hiring process.


Configuring custom job fields in SmartRecruiters - Optional

By default assessment results and overall label and scores are sent to ATS. But you can also set optional configurations for matching indicator, scores and /or labels where Harver will send info to ATS custom fields reflected per candidate under Application Fields in SmartRecruiters.

Create custom fields for the Harver matching indicators to reflect the Harver scores and labels in application fields of candidates profiles where Harver will send the results to custom fields i.e.


  1. To set, go to the account settings and select Candidate fields under configuration section.


  2. Click on add field and create multiple fields according to your requirements.
    Custom Field Type Options

    Key Matching Indicator (s)

    Multiple fields

    Free text N/A
    Harver Matching Score Free text N/A
    Harver Matching Label Single Select Great fit, Good fit, Poor fit
  3. Get the ATS IDs which are part of custom fields URL in SmartRecruiters.
  4. Configure the ATS field Ids and values correctly in Harver integration platforms that should be done during Harver Integration configuration.

Candidate progress & results

  1. Assessment details appear in the Assessment section on the candidate profile at a time the Assessment is ordered.


  2. When the candidate finishes the process, status will be updated in candidate profile.


  3. Attachment will be added to the candidate’s profile so hiring managers can access the full candidate report.


  4. Optional: If configured in SmartRecruiters as well in Harver platform, then all the Harver Match assessment results will be updated on the custom Application fields in candidate profile.


  5. By clicking on the attachment, the recruiter will be able to see the full candidate report with details on the scores and candidate’s answers.



Validating Integration Setup

Please take a moment to ensure your Integration setup was configured successfully. We recommend you complete the following steps:

  1. Create a test Job Requisition for a position that will leverage an assessment.
  2. Add the appropriate Harver Job Code/assessment to the test requisition.
  3. Complete a candidate application, including the assessment.
    • Confirm the candidate experience.
  4. Review results on hiring dashboard in your ATS and confirm you see the following:
    • Assessment Recommendation.
    • Link or access to the full report details.

Additional Questions/Support

For any additional queries, please contact support team at

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