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The setup guide provides step by step guidelines and instructions on configuring the Harver Webhook. This is needed when you are using the Harver Public API to build an integration and; to subscribe to certain events, Harver can send webhook events in order for your system to identify and get the candidate’s application progress and status.

Before setting up the integrations, check the Integration Guidelines, Integration FAQs and the Harver API documents to make sure you have all necessary information and configurations ready in Harver Platform.

Currently four events are supported that are;

ApplicationStarted - When Candidate Starts the applications and is registered at Harver. (Candidate Status: in-progress)

PersonalInfoWasCreated - A candidate filled in and completed the "Personal information" module. (Candidate Status: in-progress)

AdditionalInfoWasUpdated - A candidate filled in and completed the "Additional information" module. (Candidate Status: in-progress)

ProcessStatusHasChanged - A candidate completed the Harver Journey. (Candidate Status: new)

In this Guide

  1. Instructions before enabling Integrations
  2. Harver Integration Configuration Steps
  3. Harver Json Response
  4. Validating Integration Setup
  5. Additional Questions/Support

Instructions before enabling Integrations

  1. The requisitions in ATS and vacancies in Harver are configured.
  2. You have URLs and credentials/certificate needed for webhook authentication.

Harver Integration Configuration Steps

Login to Harver platform to perform below steps. You must be a Harver Admin to be able to complete all these step.

  1. In Harver platform, go to Integration Menu tab and click Add new integration. Select the Harver Webhook from drop down to add integrations.Add Integration_Dropdown 2.pngSetup Progress (3).png
  2. Next, click Harver to ATS menu in the side bar to add and configure all the required events needed for your integrations.Events.png
  3. For each webhook event;

    1. Enter the name for event or webhook to make it easier to identify/manage the events

    2. Select event type.Event type.png

    3. Enable the event using the toggle.

    4. Add the Endpoint URL for the event where notification will be sent. This URL that will be triggered by the Harver webhook.Enable Event.png

    5. And lastly select desired authentication method from the options which are;

      1. No Authentication: If you don't support Authentication i.e. no authentication will be used by the Harver webhook when the events are sent to the client's endpoint

      2. Basic Authentication: For basic, provide username and password that are sent with the webhoook requests

      3. Client Certification: For clientCertificates, the Harver certificate will be passed to the client's server as authentication. Connect with Harver support team to get the certificate.Authentication Method.png

    6. Click save
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 to add all events necessary for your integrations.

  5. After all steps and configurations are completed, go back to General page by clicking “General“ in the side bar and enable the integration using toggle.General Section_Activate (2).png

If enabling integration fails, error will be shown. Please fix particular issue to enable the integrations successfully.

Note that incase you want to discontinue with ATS or disable integration due to some reason, same configuration toggle is used to disable the integration with ATS.

Harver Json Response

POST https://your.site/...

'host: your.site'
'user-agent: Harver-Webhooks'
'content-type: application/json'
'accept: application/json, text/plain,

"triggeredAt": 123238983298,
"event": "${webhookevent}", // ApplicationStarted, PersonalInfoWasCreated, AdditionalInfoWasUpdated,CandidateStatusNew
"data": {
"type": "applications",
"id": "${harversApplicationId}",
"attributes": {
"status": "${status}" // new or in-progress
"relationships": {
"account": {
"data": {
"type": "account",
"id": "${harversAccountId}

More details can be found in Harver API documentation

Validating Integration Setup

Please take a moment to ensure your Integration setup was configured successfully. We recommend you complete the following steps:

  1. Create a test Job Requisition for a position that will leverage an assessment.
  2. Add the appropriate Harver Job assessment to the test requisition.
  3. Complete a candidate application, including the assessment.
    1. Confirm the candidate experience.
  4. Review results on hiring dashboard in your ATS and confirm you see the following:
    1. Assessment Recommendation.
    2. Link or access to the full report details.

Additional Questions/Support

For any additional queries, please contact support team at support@Harver.com

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