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The setup guide provides step by step guidelines and instructions on connecting the ADP Workforce account with the Harver that will allows you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the candidate results in the ADP Workforce.

Before setting up the integrations, check the Integration Guidelines and Integration FAQs to make sure you have all necessary information and configurations ready in Harver Platform.

In this Guide

  1. Instructions before enabling Integrations
  2. Harver Integration Configuration Steps
  3. Integration Configuration Steps in ADP Workforce
  4. Candidate progress & results
  5. Validating Integration Setup
  6. Additional Questions/Support

Instructions before enabling Integrations

Before enabling integrations;

  1. The requisitions in ATS and vacancies in Harver are configured.
  2. You have all the Credentials and base URL provided by the ADP Workforce to configure in Harver in order to send assessment results to ADP.

Harver Integration Configuration Steps

Login to Harver platform to perform below steps. You must be a Harver Admin to be able to complete all these step.

  1. In Harver platform, go to Integration Menu tab and clicks Add new integrations. Select the ADP Workforce MarketPlace from drop down and Clicks Add Integrations.

    Add Integration_Dropdown 3.png

  2. This will start configuring the integration and progress will be shown. Once completed, click on Continue to Overview.

    Setup Progress (1).png

  3. In General Overview, only ATS First Ad-Hoc integration pattern is supported so will be enabled by default.

    General Section_Select Pattern (1).png

  4. Then click Credentials in the side bar, and under the Harver to ATS tab, configure following credentials provided by the ADP Workforce ATS i.e.
    1. ClientId, which is ADP workforce API clientId.
    2. Client Secret, ADP workforce API client secret.
    3. Upload SSL Certificate, The public certificate that sends to the ATS when sending API requests.
    4. SSL key, Secret key file that stored in the server.

      Harver to ATS.png

    5. Click ATS to Harver and copy Token which will be needed later to configure in ADP Workforce.

      Copy Token (1).png

  5. Next, click ATS to Harver in the side bar and in Configuration tab, add all the ADP workforce applicable stages as its validated by the Harver platform to process application. Use the exact same stage names as configured in ADP Workforce.

    Harver to ATS Config.png

    Allowed application.png

    Then enable the toggle for fetching new applications from ATS

    Fetch application (1).png

  6. In same ATS to Harver page, click Vacancy Mapping tab and add mappings for all vacancies

    Vacancy mapper.png

    Properly configure the mapping with

    1. Mapping name

    2. Correct conditions e.g. to map requisition named Business the conditions are as follows:

      Path is job.jobTitle, Operator is Equals and value to match is Business.

      Add mapping _Condition.png

    3. And make sure to select the correct Harver vacancy to map. Save the configurations.

      Add mapping _Open Harver.png

  7. Next, click Harver to ATS menu in the side bar and configure fields related to candidate start assessment that is sent to ATS i.e. ATS field name and value to display. Please connect with ATS for correct values.

    Harver to ATS-1.png

  8. Once all steps and configurations are completed, go back to General section and enable the integration.

    General Section_Activate.png

If enabling integration fails, error will be shown. Please fix particular issue to enable the integrations successfully.

Note that incase you want to discontinue with ATS or disable integration due to some reason, same configuration toggle is used to disable the integration with ATS.

Integration Configuration Steps in ADP Workforce

To configure the Harver integration in ADP Workforce ATS, contact ADP workforce support team on integration steps.

Candidate progress & results

  1. When candidate is transition to Harver stage in the workflow, applicant will be redirected to Harver to perform assessment. You will be able to see the status and assessment invitation triggered on the application.


  2. When the assessment is completed, you will be able to see the assessment status and results updates in ADP Workforce for candidate.


  3. You would be able to see Harver assessment results in ADP for candidate together with Harver Candidate report.


Validating Integration Setup

Please take a moment to ensure your Integration setup was configured successfully. We recommend you complete the following steps:

  1. Create a test Job Requisition for a position that will leverage an assessment.
  2. Add the appropriate Harver Job Code/assessment to the test requisition.
    1. Complete a candidate application, including the assessment.
    2. Confirm the candidate experience.
  3. Review results on hiring dashboard in your ATS and confirm you see the following:
    1. Assessment Recommendation.
    2. Link or access to the full report details.

Additional Questions/Support

For any additional queries, please contact support team at

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