The setup guide provides step by step guidelines and instructions on connecting the Fountain account with your Harver account that will allow you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the candidate results in the Fountain ATS.

Before setting up the integration, check the FAQ page and General Integration Checklist to make sure you have all the necessary information and configurations ready in the Harver Platform.

In this Guide

  1. Checklist before setting up Integrations
  2. Harver Integration Configuration Steps
  3. Fountain Integration Configuration Steps
  4. Adding Harver into the workflow to Invite Candidate
  5. Candidate progress & results
  6. Validating Integration Setup

Checklist before setting up Integrations

You should have the following ready before setting up the integration.

  1. The requisitions in ATS and vacancies in Harver are configured.
  2. Candidate Return URL: For better candidate experience, in the Harver Platform add the Fountain applicant return URL in the Harver End Page configuration provided by the Fountain ATS so each candidate can be redirected to Fountain to continue the application. See End Page for more details.

Harver Integration Configuration Steps

Login to the Harver platform to perform below steps. You must be a Harver Admin to be able to complete all these step.

  1. In Harver platform, go to the Integration Menu tab and click Add new integrations. Select the Fountain Marketplace from the drop down and Click Add new integration

    Drowpdown.pngATS Selected.png

  2. This will start configuring the integration and progress will be shown. Once completed, click on Continue to Overview.

    Setup Progress.png

  3. Click Fountain Marketplace in the side bar and select General Overview. Select the Integration pattern that you intend to support i.e.
      • ATS First Inline (Magic link)
      • ATS First Ad-Hoc

        Select Pattern.png

  4. After you save the previous step, click Credentials in the side bar. In this page, click the ATS to Harver tab where you will see the Token which will be needed later for configuration in the Fountain platform integration steps mentioned below. This token will be used by the Harver platform for authenticating the Harver incoming requests.

    Copy Token.png

  5. Next, click ATS to Harver in the side bar and add all applicable Fountain vacancy mappings data as this is used by Fountain to map the requisitions to the Harver vacancies. Click Add Mapping where;
      • Mapping Name - Name of the mapping
      • ATS Value Id - Fountain requisitionId and can be taken from Fountain environment
      • ATS Vacancy Name - Name of the requisition in ATS
      • Choose open Harver Vacancy - Select Harver vacancy from drop down to map to Fountain vacancy and click save.

        Edit Mapping.png

  6. Once all steps and configurations are completed, go back to the General section and enable the integration using the toggle.



If enabling the integration fails, the error will be shown. Please fix particular issue to enable the integrations successfully.

Note: that incase you want to discontinue with the ATS or disable integration due to some reason, same configuration toggle is used to disable the integration with the ATS.

Fountain Integration Configuration Steps

To enable the integration in Fountain ATS, follow the below steps i.e.

  1. Select the account icon and the integrations' submenu.


  2. Select the screening option in the integrations' tab.


  3. Scroll down to New Partner section and press the “Connect” button


  4. Enter the;
    • API key token generated by Harver and copied during Harver integration configuration steps from section credentials in ATS to Harver, see above in step 4.
    • And configure the Harver account id and click save.


Now Fountain and Harver are connected. Next step is to add Harver stager in Fountain Workflow to invite candidate.

Adding Harver into the workflow to Invite Candidate

  1. Select Jobs and then Openings in the dropdown.


  2. Select a Workflow (Vacancy) and click Edit Workflow in settings


  3. Select the button Add Stage and click Create New Stage.


  4. In new window, enter and select;
      • Enter the Title of stage e.g. Harver.
      • Select the Harver Stage from the Stage Type dropdown.
      • And select Stage Placement


  5. Now Harver stage is added in flow and is ready to invite candidate i.e. when candidate applies for job, applicant will be created and Harver assessment will be triggered depending on the stage where Harver is configured.

Candidate progress & results

  1. When candidate is transition to Harver stage in the workflow, applicant will be redirected to Harver to perform assessment. You will be able to see the status and assessment invitation triggered on the application.


  2. When the assessment is completed, you will be able to see the assessment status and results updates in Fountain for candidate.


  3. To view score, under Status column click on Candidate Status Label and select View Report where you will be redirected to Harver to view complete Harver Candidate report.


  4. Or select Partner Details where Harver scores are shown as a list within a modal.


Validating Integration Setup

Please take a moment to ensure your Integration setup was configured successfully. We recommend you complete the following steps:

  1. Create a test Job Requisition for a position that will leverage an assessment.

  2. Add the appropriate Harver Job assessment to the test requisition.

  3. Complete a candidate application, including the assessment.

      • Confirm the candidate experience.

  4. Review results on hiring dashboard in your ATS and confirm you see the following:

      • Assessment Recommendation.

      • Link or access to the full report details.

Additional Questions/Support

For any additional queries, please contact support team at

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