Testing Harver with Dummy E-Mails (Sub-Addressing)


Email sub-addressing, also known as the plus sign (+) trick, is popularized by Gmail and is now supported by most email providers. It allows creating a new email address by simply appending the plus sign (+) to your current email address.  If your email address is name@email.com, you can quickly create a new email address like name+facebook@email.com for Facebook, name+twitter@email.com for Twitter, etc.


*Some email providers do not accept sub-addressing with a + sign but rather accept a hyphen as a substitution.  Please check with your provider to ensure the proper method of sub-addressing is being utilized. 


Using it with the Harver Platform


Many times, a day you might need to create test candidates in Harver or additional Harver user accounts.

For Example:  If your work email is Jane.Smith@test.com

You could use variations like shown below:

  • Add Recruiter 1:  Jane.Smith+Recruiter1@test.com
  • CompanyX 2022 Oct 11:  Jane.Smith+CompanyXOct112022@test.com
  • Something quick & random:  Jane.Smith+iojnadsfg@test.com
  • Testing language examples:  Jane.Smith+DE@test.com / Jane.Smith+FR@test.com



Why is it important?

  • We want to make sure all emails are delivered that are sent by the platform, otherwise, email providers like google and Microsoft can start marking us as spammers and our normal candidate emails start going into spam folders.
  • You might want to receive additional emails from the system after the initial usage of a new email, so you might try to request a new password or return to an in-progress journey or test scheduling.
  • When you receive random emails, you can identify where it came from.
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