Standard Job Profiles (IBP'S)

  1. What are Standard Job Profiles?
  2. how to use it?
    1. Getting started
    2. Selecting the Job Profile
    3. Norm Group
    4. Vacancy builder
  3. Matching Profile
  4. How to enable it for an account?

What are Standard Job Profiles?

The standard job profiles is a list with over 900+ job profiles that can be used for candidate scoring/matching. The list has a search function and the option to filter per industry. The Job Profiles are based on Personality print Assessment and (optional) NOA. These modules will be automatically generated if the vacancy is created based on one of the standard job profiles.

The Standard Job Profiles are only available in Hiring Studio.

how to use it?

Getting started

If you go in to the correct account and Hiring Studio is enabled, you will automatically land on the vacancy overview in Hiring Studio. On this page you can start creating a vacancy with using the job profiles by clicking on add vacancy.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 09.39.03.png


Selecting the Job Profile

After clicking this button you will see 2 different options. Here you need to select Standard Job Profile.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 09.40.23.png

After selecting you will land in to the Job Profile list. On the top of the screen you see the option to search on a job profile name or you can filter by industry. If you use the search option, the system will start giving you results the moment you start typing, so you don’t need to write the complete name of the profile. At the bottom left you will see the number of the results the system is giving based on your search.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 11.14.25.png

Once you find the correct profile, you can select it by clicking on the job profile of your choice and click continue.


Norm Group

After selecting the right job profile and clicking continue, you will go in to the norm group selection. It is important to select the norm group of the region where you are hiring the candidates. For example: You are working for a US company who is hiring for a position in Greece, you will need to select European norm group and not US. The default norm group is US and you can select a different one by clicking on the desired norm group.

The norm group will affect the scoring of candidates therefor it is important the correct norm group is being selected.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 09.42.19.png


Vacancy builder

This will bring you to the vacancy builder.

The vacancy builder looks slightly different than the custom vacancy builder. When you create a vacancy build on a job profile, it shows the name of the selected job profile on the top of the vacancy builder.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 09.42.39 (1).png

You will need to go through the settings as normally, so give the vacancy a name, set the languages etc. If you scroll down in the vacancy builder you will notice the candidate journey section already has to modules created, the personality print and NOA module.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 09.42.48.png

The personality print is mandatory and not removable. The NOA module is optional and therefor an admin is able to remove this from the candidate journey section if you do not wish to use it. The reason that the Personality Print is mandatory, is because the Matching Profile tied to the Job profile is based on this module and therefor it needs to be there to score candidates. If you keep the NOA module in the candidate journey, the NOA will also be included in the Matching Profile.

The weights and module settings can not be changed because these are based on the job profile and tied to the job role & level.

You can add in other modules as well by clicking ‘add module' and pick from the module library. These modules wil not be included in the matching profile. You will see the module score of the added modules on the candidate detail page, but they will not affect the overal matching score.


Matching Profile

At the Matching Profile section you will see that a matching profile has been autogenerated and added to the Vacancy builder. This Matching profile is tied to the selected job profile and can not be removed or changed. The Matching will show you the name of the matching profile, the labels and brackets and you can click on details.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 15.24.05.png

When clicking on the details you can make changes to the matching profile. Keep in mind that only non-score related changes can be made. So the brackets and weights are autogenerated and will remain the same.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 15.24.15.png

You can adjust settings such as bracket label names, Matching profile name, and Indicator names. The matching profile and indicator labels are shown on the candidate detail page and PDF.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 15.24.28.png

After configuring all the vacancy settings and saving the vacancy, the vacancy is created. The Job profile, Matching profile, norm group and Personality Print/NOA modules can no longer be changed or removed. If you wish to change the job profile, you will need to create a new vacancy from step 1.


How to enable it for an account?

Customers that are interested in this feature will need to reach out to their account manager to add this in to their contract. The account manager needs to create a request for support as this feature needs to be toggled on in Unleash per account which is done by Super Users (support team).

Support Request in Salesforce to the Product Support team needs:

  • Account Name(s) and ID(s)
  • unleash toggle name: hsJobs
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