Branding & white labeling


In today’s competitive job market, it’s imperative to provide your candidates with a stellar candidate experience. Within different aspects of Harver you will be able to show your candidates who you are as a company, making the candidate experience go from ordinary to amazing. 

With your company logo, brand colors, company photos, videos, and messaging, you can achieve custom branding and white labeling. Your options for branding and white labeling are available in both the flow set up and certain account settings. 

Within this article we will go through:

Get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more about Branding possibilities.

Branding and White Labeling Opportunities, what and where:

Managed in the Flow:

  • Logo
  • Color Scheme
  • Background images 
  • Company Videos
  • Company Images
  • Written content

Managed in Account Settings:

  • Written content and tone of voice
    • Emails to candidates
    • Text messages 
  • Logo and branding
    • Emails to candidates


What considerations to make:

  • What information is relevant for candidates to know?
  • How can you best communicate your company culture?
  • What makes your organization unique and desirable to work for? 
  • What content can be shared best by written content, images, and video?
  • Which company logo will you choose?

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Adding or Editing a Flow

  1. Click ‘Add Flow’
  2. In the Main Settings, add a company logo, adjust the color scheme, and add a main background image. The main settings will be shown at each step in the flow as a standard. 

Step 2: Add  modules: Content Page and Company Video to your flow

  1. Click on the blue ‘+’ to go to the Module Store. 
  2. Find the Content Page and Company Video Modules and click on them to add to your flow. Both can be added as many times as you’d like in the flow.
  3. Drag and drop to adjust the flow in just the right order.
  4. Upload a photo or write content.
  5. To upload a video, please contact Harver Support to learn more about this process.

Step 3: Adjust the font, messaging and background image of specific modules

  1. Click on the module within the Flow to adjust what text is written, the color it is shown in, or even the background image of this specific module.

Step 4: Edit Communication packages

  1. In Account settings, click on 'Email Templates'.
  2. Adjust the written content to correctly represent your company's brand. 
  3. Add in a logo or photo to increase branding.  



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