Candidate Management


With our data driven technology, you will be able to begin your hiring process better, faster, and with the elimination of unconscious bias. Managing your candidates is made simple within our platform, allowing you to have a thorough overview of your candidates. 

Harver has made it easy to read candidate results, taking the guesswork out of recruitment and saving you valuable time. Depending on how the vacancy was set up, you will be able to assess the candidate based key performance indicators, individual assessment scores, any information they have provided, and documents that they may have uploaded. 

Within this article we will go through the basics of candidate management: 

Statuses, what they mean and how to change them

Whether you are utilizing Harver as a platform to manage your candidates or you do this within your ATS, what a candidate status means is important information. Harver has a number of statuses in order to organize and move your candidates through the recruitment funnel accordingly. 

When you manually change a candidate's status, you will have an option to send an email to the candidate, depending on how your account settings and email templates are set up. 

The following statuses are set automatically and can’t be changed manually:

  • In progress: The candidate is still in the process of completing the application experience (the flow).
  • New: The candidate has completed the flow and is ready to be reviewed by a recruiter.

Once a candidate has completed the flow, you can manually change their status to one of the below-listed statuses. 

  • Shortlisted: The candidate’s results are interesting enough to potentially move forward in the process. This means you can proceed to the next step and for instance call the candidate or discuss the candidate’s results with your colleagues to decide what’s next.
  • Talent Pool: The candidate meets your criteria, but unfortunately you don’t have any positions available right now. Instead, you can add this candidate to the talent pool and continue the hiring process further down the line when a position becomes available.
  • Rejected: The candidate doesn’t meet the selection criteria necessary for the position.
  • Invited: The candidate meets the selection criteria and should be invited to the next stage of your process.
  • Hired: You've extended an offer to the candidate and hired him/her.
How to change the status of a candidate

Option 1 – On the candidate overview page

  1. Go to the candidates tab
  2. Assign the filters you find necessary or search directly for a candidate
  3. Find the icon with 3 dots and click it to find a menu of statuses you can move the candidate into
  4. If applicable an email pop up will show
  5. Adjust the email if needed or choose to not send an email
  6. Click confirm

Option 2 – On the candidate detail page

  1. Go to the candidate detail page
  2. On the top right of the page, you can see a drop down menu of different statuses
  3. Click on the status you want to change it to
  4. If applicable an email pop up will show
  5. Adjust the email if needed or choose to not send an email
  6. Click confirm

Result Report

Harver has designed a report called a 'fact sheet' in order for you to download all of your candidate's information and scoring. This report can be found on the candidate detail page of a specific candidate. If you are working primarily within an ATS, it could be that this report is automatically sent through to your ATS once the candidate has fully completed their assessment. 


Discuss with your CSM to find out more about reporting and integration options with your ATS.

Interpreting Results  

In order to make a correct judgement if your candidate should be moved to the next step, you will need to ensure that you know how to read the candidate's results. Based on how the Flow and Vacancy were set up, there could be several assessment results that you need to read. In the section Results Interpretation, we go in-depth about specific assessments, competencies and key performance indicators. 

Communication with your candidate

Within the Harver Platform, there are a number of moments when communication can be triggered. Customizable in the Account Settings, email templates can be set to send to the candidates at these basic stages: 

  • Candidate has begun their assessment
  • Reminder emails to complete the assessment
  • Assessment completed confirmation email
  • Status change email
Email templates are set for the entire account, discuss with your account admin or CSM to learn more.


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