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The virtual interviewing module within Harver lets you easily implement an asynchronous video interview in your preselection process. Upload your own videos or ask written questions and see how candidates answer them in recorded video responses.

Virtual interviewing at Harver does not make use of automated decision-making or facial and/or micro-expression analysis technology. The video interview module is a qualitative add-on in addition to quantitative data obtained from other Harver assessments. 

Within this article we will go through

What this module is used for and how it works

Speed up your screening

See more candidates in less time with the Virtual Interviewing module. Replace the standard laborious phone screening stage and allow candidates to be interviewed at every hour of the day. 

Collaborate on the hiring process

Share the recorded responses with all team members involved and collaborate on the hiring process. That way, you get multiple opinions and screen more efficiently and effectively.

Ensure fairness through consistency

Ask the same set of questions to all job candidates and compare and evaluate their answers consistently. Every candidate gets a fair shot, and you can get a real sense for who they are in a quick and convenient way.

How it works

There are two parts to the Virtual Interview module. The first part is the question(s) that you ask. You can do this by uploading a video of your own, by writing your question in text, or a combination of the two.

The second part of the Virtual Interview module is where the candidate records themselves and gives an answer. Within the setup of the module, you can adjust the settings to set things like a maximum time limit and if the candidate can re-record.   

How to set it up

If you would like to add this module to an already existing flow follow these steps: 

  1. Check if the flow is attached to an already open vacancy
  2. If the answer is Yes, go to the vacancy and place it in 'Draft'. 
  3. Go back to the flow, and add this module by following the below steps 
  4. Find your vacancy within your 'Draft Vacancies' folder, reopen it by hovering over the vacancy and clicking on the file icon to open it

To add this module within your flow, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the blue ‘+’ to navigate to the Module store. 
  2. Click on the icon which represents Virtual Interview
  3. Clicking ‘add’ to flow on the top left of the pop up
  4. Adjust the location of each test by dragging and dropping the tests into the preferred order
  5. Brand this section of the flow by adjusting the background image (optional)
  6. Adjust the language and written content depending on your use case (optional)
  7. To begin adding questions, click the blue '+' below the module preview
  8. Add the link to your video question, or add text within the text box
  9. Adjust the Recording Settings as you see fit
  10. Save, and proceed to add as many questions as necessary
  11. Add it to a vacancy, find out more on how to do this here
If you would like to upload video questions, please get in contact with your CSM or with Harver Support to learn how. 





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