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The virtual interviewing module within Harver lets you easily implement an asynchronous video interview in your preselection process. Upload your own videos or ask written questions and see how candidates answer them in recorded video responses.

Virtual interviewing at Harver does not make use of automated decision-making or facial and/or micro-expression analysis technology. The video interview module is a qualitative add-on in addition to quantitative data obtained from other Harver assessments. 


What this module is used for and how it works

  • Speed up your screening: See more candidates in less time with the Virtual Interviewing module. Replace the standard laborious phone screening stage and allow candidates to be interviewed at every hour of the day.
  • Collaborate on the hiring process: Share the recorded responses with all team members involved and collaborate on the hiring process. That way, you get multiple opinions and screen more efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure fairness through consistency: Ask the same set of questions to all job candidates and compare and evaluate their answers consistently. Every candidate gets a fair shot, and you can get a real sense for who they are in a quick and convenient way.


How it works

There are two parts to the Virtual Interview module.

  • The first part is the question(s) that you ask. You can do this by uploading a video of your own, by writing your question in text, or a combination of the two.
  • The second part of the Virtual Interview module is where the candidate records themselves and gives an answer. Within the setup of the module, you can adjust the settings to set things like a maximum time limit and if the candidate can re-record. 



  • Applicant’s journey starts with reading the information from the Intro Page.
  • Each applicant is asked to give permission for his audio and video. Check for this can be set up separately.
  • Applicants can read the question, prepare for the question, and record their answer. After successfully completing a question, he is automatically redirected to the next question until there are no questions left.


  • The recruiter can play applicant videos and score them if needed.
  • There is a dedicated view for the recruiter to assess VI applicants. 

Viewing responses

  • Once a candidate has fully completed the flow and is in 'New', you will be able to see their answers to the Virtual Interview module within their candidate detail page. 
  • By clicking on the thumbnail of the video that the candidate uploaded, you will be able to see the question asked and the answer that the candidate recorded in the same view. If multiple questions were asked, you can easily scroll through to the next question. 

Scoring | Virtual Interview

Rating View

The order of the Rating View candidates is the same as they are ordered on the Candidates List. That is why it is important that the recruiter selects the right filters and sets the correct column order.

A recruiter can only submit their rating if they have provided a rating on every question. If a recruiter can't rate a question, they can choose to Ignore a question. Ignored questions are not calculated in the Module score.

After a successful rating, the Rating View will automatically switch to the next candidate in the list


Multiple Recruiters Rating

Multiple Recruiters can rate a single applicant.

Average module score will be calculated by all applicants.


How is the Module Score calculated?

We take all the actual ratings that the recruiter has rated (skips are ignored), convert that to percentages (1 out 5 becomes 20% and 4 out of 5 becomes 80%), and average those for the final score.

To use that 'final score', you incorporate it into one of the Matching Indicators of your Matching Profile where you can choose how important Grading is compared to everything else.

Right now, only overall VI is supported (so average of all the questions in all the modules)

Each question/answer has the same weight, and the weight can't be modified at this stage.

If nonstandard rating scales are used, the Module Score is linearly applied to a 100% scale, where every point in the scale is worth the percentage

1-3 - 33%

1-5 - 20%

1-7 - 14.2%

1-9 - 11.1%

1-10 - 10%

Important, scale values are not taken into consideration. Eg.

1 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 is a 5-point scale, where each point is valued at 20%.

1 - 20%

3 - 40%

5 - 60%

7 - 80%

9 - 100%

Multiple recruiters can rate the same candidate. In that case, we are using a weighted average calculation. That way, each recruiter that has rated a question has equal weight for that question. That way if a recruiter only rates only one question and ignores the rest. If a question is ignored, it will not be considered in the Module and Matching score.


For any questions and set up, please reach out to your Account Manager.



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