2020 September


It’s the official end of summer, and the product team at Harver has been working hard throughout the dog days developing exciting new features and updates!

This month we are happy to introduce new marketplace integrations, Harver Insights dashboards, upgrades to candidate management and experience, and most notably enhanced Personality Questionnaire results!

Our product teams weren’t the only ones making waves last month though. A suite of webinars with Google and Sitel on digital transformation in recruitment are your cure for the end of summer blues. We’ve added a link to the recorded version at the bottom of the page.

Results interpretation

We have updated the visualization of the Personality Questionnaire results within the new Candidate Detail Page. This will allow you to quickly grasp where the candidate falls within the Big 5+1 factors of personality, while keeping results interpretation intuitive and accurate.


Harver Insights

The new dashboard “Matching Profile Insights” is available for customers leveraging Harver’s Matching Profile & Indicator functionality. Customer specific score labels, automations & fit distributions come to life in 11 powerful graphs for an all-encompassing matching overview.

Candidate Management

We’ve enhanced the new candidate detail page with a notes widget, making it easy to collaborate and to keep track of candidate specific recruitment discussions and decisions.

Modules and Candidate Journey

You can now enable the System Diagnostics module as a mandatory requirement for candidates to complete.

While on the Additional Information module, candidates will now get specific error messages when an answer is not filled at all, or incorrectly. We also made sure to automatically scroll them all the way up to where the message is to make their lives easier.

Integrations and Partners

Integrate faster with a new marketplace integration now available on Recruitee, and custom integrations now supported on Bullhorn Connexys.

In case you missed it...

Last month we hosted a number of webinars. First, we teamed up with Harver Insights Partner Google Cloud, and hosted a webinar on today’s permanently changed recruitment landscape (with a guest appearance of NexRep LLC’s CEO - Teddy Liaw).

Followed by two webinars with Sitel APAC and Sitel North America, on how they digitally transformed their recruitment process and decreased attrition by 45%!



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