Setting up the Personality Questionnaire


Harver’s Personality Questionnaire assesses candidates using the HEXACO model of personality. Allowing you to get a clear idea of the candidate’s behavior, traits and style. Our People Science team will work with you to determine the personality traits that make a successful candidate. Allowing you and your team to quickly assess how well a candidate matches the job profile. This benchmarking will be set within the Vacancy settings and Matching profiles.

Setting up the module and the candidate experience

When building a flow, you can find the Personality Questionnaire module within the Module store. You will be able to choose which version of the assessment you would like and where in the flow it is shown. Below you will find information regarding the version types as well as the practical information for setting it up in the flow. 


There are two versions of the HEXACO available on the Harver platform, measuring

the same facets and dimensions.


The HEXACO-100 contains four items per facet and 16 items for each of the factor-level scales.The average time to complete the HEXACO-100 is 20 minutes.


Out of desire for a shorter assessment, the HEXACO-60 was constructed in a way that shows acceptable psychometric properties while reducing the time to complete. It contains at least two items per facet and 10 items for each of the factor-level scales. The average time to complete the HEXACO-60 is 12 minutes.

Set-up guide:

    1. Navigate to the tab ‘Flows’
    2. Click on an existing Flow or on ‘New Flow’ 
    3. Click on the blue ‘+’ to navigate to the Module store 
    4. Click on the icon which represents the Personality Questionnaire
    5. A pop up will be shown giving a short description of the module
    6. Clicking ‘add’ to flow on the top left of the pop up
    7. Adjust the location of the module based on when in the experience you want your candidates to take this assessment
    8. After you have chosen a location, click on the module and choose which version you’s like (60 or 100 questions)
    9. Brand this section of the flow by adjusting the background image (optional)
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