2020 October


Here at Harver, we are kicking off the final Quarter of the year with exciting October product updates! 

Over the last month, we have introduced a new Job Knowledge capability for testing Excel proficiency, new configuration options for customizing data collection and anonymization within the candidate journey, enhanced Harver Insights dashboard visualizations, and launched new ATS partner integration capabilities.

Harver Insights

Design and function enhancements have been made to the “Sourcing Insights” dashboard, which is enabled when utilizing Harver’s native “sources” functionality or via API and/or UTM code source tracking. This update allows for a deeper analysis of your sourcing efforts, comparing candidate registrations by source over 3 time periods. Soon, you’ll be able to easily understand where your sourcing efforts are making the most impact.


Harver Modules

Within Harver’s Job Knowledge module suite, an intermediate Excel module is now available for testing proficiency with pivot tables, concatenate, and vlookup functions. This assessment is a great addition for those roles which require a specialized understanding or heavy use of excel.

Candidate Journey

Share your organization's Privacy Policy with candidates when you think it matters most by adjusting the new configuration options. Privacy policy display locations and policy acknowledgement are now available pre or post email registration. 

Additional “Contact Info” Vacancy options have been added, including the option to collect the candidate’s country of birth in addition to the country of residence.

Candidate management

Candidate data retention rule sets are now configurable in both Day and Month increments for all statuses. Thanks to this new level of detail, aligning with your organization's data policy just got easier. 

Harver’s new Candidate Detail Page has been expanded to include text answers to the Open Question module, allowing all of your candidates' results to be shown in one space. If you’re not utilizing the new Candidate Detail page yet, your CSM will be in touch to demonstrate its amazingness.

Integrations and Partners

We now integrate with Workable and Connexys by Bullhorn! We’ve partnered with Workable to create a robust marketplace integration with simple and fast configurable activation. Quick integration activation gives you more time to hire better, faster.

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