2020 November


We are back to announce some November releases!

This month, take the guesswork out of chat agent assessment with Harver's new Live Chat Support Simulation, unlock organizational level personality insights at scale, integrate faster with Recruitee, and read up on how COVID-19 has affected job search behavior.

Harver Modules

Provide candidates with a realistic job preview and work simulation with our new Live Chat Support Simulation! This new module allows candidates to get a feel for on the job support scenarios while you assess their data driven results using KPIs from the real world. If you want to learn more about this module or try it out yourself, reach out to your CSM.



Candidate Results - New!

The PDF version of Harver’s candidate results report was enhanced to display up to 10 Situational Judgement Test results for detailed score breakdowns. This is helpful for thorough results viewing within your ATS, or for sharing results with a colleague over email.

Learn all about candidate results in Harver's knowledge base.

Harver Insights

Personality Insights made its debut, unlocking your organization's aggregate Big 5+1 personality composition at scale. Visualize the most prominent dimensions of your candidate base and track trending dimension level changes over time. Dig deeper with powerful filtering options, including personality insights by recruitment source, by vacancy, and more.

Integrations and Partners

Does your organization use Recruitee for applicant tracking? You can now integrate with Harver easily via a brand new marketplace integration.

In case you missed it

Check out the latest research conducted by Harver’s People Science team! Published by the American Psychological Association, ‘Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Job Search Behavior: An Event Transition Perspective’, examines how job search behavior changed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the weeks following the event’s onset, and if the physical contact required by different jobs moderated these trends. 

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