2021 January


Ring in the new year with exciting features that make hiring the best talent even easier in 2021!

Harver Modules

2020 reminded the world that making quick decisions, adapting, and learning new things is equally important as it is challenging. Harver’s latest module, Learning Agility, has arrived to help in your pursuit of a future proofed workforce. Read here for more information on this exciting new capability and how to interpret results. 


Integrations and partners

Harver and Greenhouse have developed a brand new marketplace integration that makes setup a breeze, with a ton of added configurable features! 

In case you missed it

Last month we hosted a Webinar, Next-Gen Hiring: How to select the best live chat agents. We covered current challenges in chat agent selection, and how organizations can modernize into a new reality that is fast, digital-first, and future proof.

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