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How to cancel an interview

You can cancel the interview via the Interview Cancellation link provided in your ATS on the candidate’s profile. Cancelling this way will also remove the corresponding event from your calendar automatically.

Important: Do not delete or cancel the calendar invite directly within your calendar, this will not notify the candidate.

There are two scenarios when you can cancel:

  1. The invitation was sent to the candidate, but the candidate has not yet selected a time slot. This type of cancellation makes the invitation link invalid and the candidate receives a cancellation email.

  2. The candidate has selected an interview time slot and the interview has been confirmed. This type of cancellation removes the interview from your calendar and the candidate receives a cancellation email.

How to assign an interview to a colleague

If you would like to assign the interview to a colleague, Forward the invitation to your colleague or add to the invitation as an attendee with the standard Outlook Calendar actions. This way the interview with the candidate will be visible in your colleague’s calendar too.

The candidate will not be notified of this change.

How can I reschedule an Interview?

In order to reschedule the interview, the candidate will need to choose an alternative time slot. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Cancel the Interview with the cancellation link in your ATS

  2. Move the candidate to a different stage/status (For example from Interview to In Review)

  3. Move the candidate back to the Interview stage/status.

  4. The candidate will receive a new invitation with time slots to choose from.

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