2021 March


Spring into action with Harver’s newest releases 💐! This month, Insights made its real-time data debut, along with brand new standard integrations, and fresh webinar recordings focussing on some of today’s most pressing topics in digital & fair recruitment!  

Harver Insights

Harver Insights dashboards & custom reporting is now real-time! Enjoy all of the perks you're used to, including queries without any time history limitation, now in real-time and insync with your live candidate traffic and ATS integration events.

Need to export candidate data quickly? No problem, check out the new Candidate Export dashboard, which can be customized with additional column headers by Edit users. 

Integrations and partners

New standard Integration options for Greenhouse and Smartrecruiters have made their debut! Both offerings were improved with exciting new features and the latest workflow options, and are even easier to configure!

Forusers leveraging HarverX, candidate results interpretation received a major upgrade with the addition of Matching Profile results for your candidate viewing pleasure within the widget. If you would like to learn more about the HarverX integration, reach out to your CSM or Harver support

In case you missed it

Harver hosted two webinars this past month focussing on efficiency and digital transformation within hiring practices. 

Check out the recording here to learn how leading retailers tackle decentralized hiring challenges in the year to come. 

If you want to focus on Contact Center hiring efficiency, be sure to check out the recording here.

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