2021 June


Harver’s June releases are here! This month it's all about making workflows easier, results more intuitive and understanding your recruitment funnel better through data.  

Harver Insights

Introducing Harver Selection Insights, an in depth dashboard which helps you understand things like what sourcing efforts are paying off, how matching sores are distributed across statuses and more. 


Account Settings

Automate your workflow with customized Business Rules to automatically move candidates to different statuses based on match score, time in status or even a combination of the two! Find out how to make this work for your setup with your CSM or Harver Support. 

Candidate Results

Understanding Situational Judgment Test results just got easier with our new SJT labels. SJT labels will show on the candidate detail page to break down how the candidate has done on each question while the overall score is included in the matching profile. 

Harver Integrations

Harver now has a marketplace integration with Smart Recruiters and a standard integration with Ubeeo, both integrations make it easy to connect your workflows seamlessly with little setup time!

If you are using the Recruitee marketplace integration, we have now implemented the ability to invite candidates in bulk from the ATS to Harver. 

In case you missed it…

Check out our new white paper here and dive into the specifics of retail volume hiring in the post-pandemic world, the technology that can help you overcome your recruitment challenges, and the benefits that come with digitally transforming your hiring process.


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