2021 October


Fall in love with Harver’s most recent updates including Automation and Interview enhancements to make your recruiting process even more effortless.

Account Set-up

Start processing large volumes of candidates automatically with our new Automation Rules! This feature uses critical selection criteria, such as a matching score, to move candidates to the next desired step in the process - and all customized to your recruitment process. Connect with your CSM to configure these conditions and start automatically moving your candidates through the journey. 


Harver Scheduling and Live Interview Center 

Easily review past Live Interviews with candidates through our new ability to record and playback. Gain new insights, share with colleagues, and properly audit your interviews all with this simple setting.  

Harver Integrations 

We have constructed an integration between Harver and Greenhouse without the need for a developer – Easy to configure and can speed up your go-live process! 

In case you missed it... 

Discover what causes inefficiencies in the volume hiring process and how to improve process efficiency in volume recruitment. 

41% of companies say that entry-level vacancies are the toughest to fill. Harver shows you how to choose the right hiring criteria for entry-level roles. 


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