2021 November


Let’s pumpkin spice things up ☕ with Harver's newest releases! This month, we focused on making the most of your data, as well as simplifying your process with a calendar enhancement. 

Harver Insights

Insights Alerts

Stay on top of your team’s KPIs with Harver’s new ability to set alerts within your Insights dashboards! For instance, get notified if your completion rate has dropped by configuring your settings for exactly when you’d like to be alerted.


Harver Scheduling and Live Interview Center

Interview Templates per Calendar Location

Inviting candidates to an interview has become much easier with the ability to configure templates per location. Instead of tediously filling out the who, what, and where each time, streamline the process with our newest calendar enhancement.

Schedule Forecasting

Maximize your team’s time with our new scheduling data that can provide insights on your recruiters’ availability for the upcoming days. Find out how to make this work for your setup with your CSM.

In case you missed it... 

Learn how leading retail recruiters are preparing for hiring during the upcoming holiday season. 

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