2021 December


Wrap up the year with Harver’s latest releases 🎁 

Start planning your 2022 hiring strategies with our latest modules updates! Read more about our newest version of Personality Print and Availability Module below.  

Harver Modules 

Personality Print 

Earlier this year, we announced our new behavioral assessment module, Personality Print, and how it can help you find the right candidates for your hourly roles. Harver is glad to announce that we have expanded this module to now include professional roles! Connect with your CSM to see how this validated personality questionnaire will assess your candidates on criteria that apply to your professional opportunities. 


Availability Module 

Our newly redesigned Availability module is more user-friendly than ever before! Admins can create custom hours and shifts to allow candidates to provide their exact availability, including the flexibility to add less than or more than within their selection.  

In case you missed it... 

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