Summary Check List


Before the Interview 

  • Review the job description 
  • Review the candidate’s resume and assessment results 
  • Read through the interview questions and evaluation resources 
  • Make sure the interview space is quiet, clean, and free from distractions 
  • Bring materials to take notes 
  • Coordinate with other interviewers if you are conducting a panel interview 

When the Candidate Arrives 

  • Greet and welcome the candidate 
  • Spend some time building rapport 
  • Introduce yourself and explain the interview process 

During the Interview 

  • Follow the questions in the interview tool 
  • Try to make the experience consistent for each candidate 
  • Practice active listening and silence cell phones 
  • Take notes 
  • Inform the candidate of next steps 

Making Your Evaluations 

  • Utilize your rating resources, including competency definitions and scale anchors  
  • Review your notes prior to making a rating 
  • Evaluate the candidate’s response against the objective rating criteria 
  • Consider whether you are falling into any rater biases 
  • Rate each response independently of the others 
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