2022 March


Harver’s newest update is sure to put a spring in your step 🌻 Keep scrolling to see how we’ve upgraded your interview scheduling experience and to hear about other organization announcements!

Harver Scheduling and Interview Center

Multiple Interviews

Does your workflow have different interview stages or separate teams you’d like your candidates to meet with? Our newest enhancement improves flexibility and allows you to configure multiple interviews for your candidates. The updated interface gives you the opportunity to set up a flow that matches the needs of your organization. Connect with your CSM to learn more!


In case you missed it...

Harver is excited to announce Amanda Bohne as Chief Marketing Officer and Steve Martin as Chief Technology Officer to continue driving Harver’s mission of transforming the digital volume hiring market. Check out the full story here! 

Be sure to check out our latest blog post here as we’ve gathered retail volume hiring trends to watch out for in 2022. 

Finally, we show you the 4 trends shaping Contact Center volume hiring in 2022. Read more here. 

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