2022 April


Come see what these spring showers helped grow at Harver ☂️ We’ve improved your Virtual Interview process and Document Upload module. 

Harver Modules 

Virtual Interview Scoring 

Refresh your Virtual Interviews with the ability to score your candidates’ answers based on clear criteria. Easily configure your own benchmarks so each candidate is set to the same standards, then grade how well they performed! Connect with your CSM to learn more.


Document Upload 

Harver has upgraded our Document Upload module to be compatible with mobile devices, letting candidates add documents directly from their smartphone. Additionally, if you’d like the ability for candidates to add multiple documents per question, be sure to get in touch with your CSM. 

In case you missed it... 

As many as 90% of candidates are not showing up for interviews for hourly roles right now. Check out 9 ways to reduce no-shows in hourly volume hiring here. 

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