Creating a New Interview Questions Template


To create a new Interview Questions Template, click the “Create new template” button. On the Create Interview Questions Template screen, give the template a name and select a matching profile from the drop-down menu. A matching profile is required.

The matching profile you select here must be the same matching profile that is associated to the vacancy that you want to use this template for.  


Once you have associated your template to a matching profile, you can begin to configure the questions on the template.

Important Notes

  1. In order to see questions from Personality Print traits or competencies, the selected matching profile must contain matching indicators that use Personality Print traits or competencies. If the matching profile does not contain any PP traits or competencies, users can still add general questions to their template and to the questions library and only use general questions in their guides.
  2. If the matching profile associated to an Interview Questions Template/Vacancy is changed to one that does not include traits or competencies, the template will no longer display options for any respective trait or competency questions.

There are three types of interview questions:

1. Trait-based questions - The questions in this tab are generated by the system, based on the candidate’s scores for the traits in the matching profile. We only generate a trait-based question on a guide in cases where the trait is in the matching profile and the candidate’s trait score value fell outside of the ideal range for that trait. Because of this, we do not display those questions here. Instead, we provide the ability to turn the trait-based questions on or off as a whole.


2. Competency-based questions - Each competency in Personality Print scoring has one associated competency question. If any competencies exist in the matching profile, you will see the Competency-based questions tab with a list of questions and the competency they are associated to. You will also see checkboxes to turn those individual questions on or off. The choice to utilize a question is entirely up to the admin user’s discretion.


3. General Questions - These are custom questions that you can add at your discretion. Adding a general question to a template can be done one of two ways:

  • Click the “Add question” button. On the resulting modal, enter the text of the question, and click the “Add” button. Adding a question here will populate that question on the template, and also in the “Questions Library” for future use on other templates.image__11_.png
  • Click the “Add from library” button (assuming there are already questions populated in it), select one or more questions, and click the “Add questions” button.image__12_.png 
  • Once your general questions have been added to the template, those questions can be edited by clicking the pencil icon for that question. They can be reordered by clicking the up and down arrows for the applicable question(s). Finally, they can be removed from the template by clicking the trash can icon for that question.


Important Notes

  1. General Questions cannot be modified in the library directly, but the text of the question can be modified within a template. However, any changes made to the text of the question will generate a new entry of that question into the library with the edits that were made, so both questions will continue to exist as long as both are listed on at least one template within the account.
  2. General Questions are only deleted from the library when every instance of that question on a template is removed. For example, take an instance where you were to add a new General Question, “How did you hear about us?” to a template (which means it now exists in the library). Then, you add that question from the library to two other templates in the account. If later on, you remove the question from only one of those three templates, the question will continue to display in the library until it is removed from all three templates.
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